Konings Juices

When Konings Juices & Drinks was looking for a new refrigeration and freezer installation, it did not take them very long to choose Cooltech. An additional bonus consisted in the fact that apart from the temperature, the installation also had a smaller environmental footprint and also resulted in a lower energy bill.

“Our new system is kinder to the environment and to our energy bill”

About Konings Juices & Drinks

Kristof: “Konings Juices & Drinks is part of the Konings group, which now operates in 6 locations and employs over 650 persons. Here in Borgloon we are responsible for the production and filling of drinks, mainly fruit juices and tonic of companies like PepsiCo, Fever-Tree, Albert Heijn and Delhaize. In concrete terms, all the raw materials are sent to us, after which we prepare the drinks according to the recipe and package them into finished products for sale.”

Good move for the environment - and the energy bill
“Until recently, we had a freon gas-based freezer system, which is not only bad for the environment but was also increasingly becoming expensive. The installation also regularly developed leaks, meaning we would have had to replace it sooner or later anyway. Cooltech then suggested another system with a propane chiller and CO2 cooler, which we have now been using since April 2020. This system is much kinder to the environment and to our energy bill. It is also much more reliable, and Cooltech is always ready to help with any problems. An alarm is immediately sent to them if the temperature crosses a certain level, for example, and they arrive immediately to solve the problem if any should occur.”

Many years of cooperation
“Our cooperation with Cooltech extends over several years. We contacted Cooltech in 2016 to repair one of the failed evaporators in our freezer, and Cooltech was able to respond extremely quickly. We also have a maintenance contract with them for our air conditioners, so it was a logical choice to use them for the new freezer installation.”

Long-term solutions
“Unlike the competition, Cooltech really listens to what the customer wants. They come and help you out in case you have any problems, but they go a step further: they also examine the root-cause of problems and breakdowns and look for long-term solutions. Thus, at the beginning we received a comprehensive tailor-made proposal that was technically very thorough. Cooltech also discussed everything thoroughly with us in advance, and consequently there were no surprises at any time.”

“In the food industry, the right climate is key.”

--- Bruno Vanschoenwinkel (Climagroup)

Konings Juices is a drinks producer that works for FeverTree, PepsiCo and Delhaize, among others. Drinks are produced there according to recipe and then bottled in the appropriate packaging. Climagroup was engaged for the site in Borgloon.

“In the food industry, the right climate is key”, says Bruno Vanschoenwinkel, project manager at the Climagroup. “We replaced and extended the existing cooling and freezing installations for Konings Juices. Working closely with the customer, we were able to maximise energy efficiency. After an extensive study phase, our experts developed a technical masterpiece.”

Climagroup chose only natural resources such as propane and CO2 for the cooling and freezing solutions at Konings Juices. This not only reduces the impact on the environment, but also the energy bill.



Climagroup comprises seven companies that came together to share their passion, experience and know-how. Although Cooltech, Borcalor, Rob Air, Pure Air, De Noyette, Milieu & Koeltechniek and Climabel each retain their unique character, when combined together as the Climagroup, they offer the customer a much more powerful proposition.

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