In 2016, ToyChamp chose HVAC in one of its 31 shops in Belgium and the Netherlands. Meanwhile, almost every branch has been upgraded with an HVAC system thanks to partner Rob Air.

“Rob Air only needs very little prompting and is even on standby on weekends”

Greener and cheaper
“In the past, we had gas-based heating for all our shops, but in 2016 we decided to switch to HVAC. On the one hand, because summers were increasingly becoming hotter and thus to make it more comfortable for our customers and employees, and on the other hand to reduce our impact on the environment. We started with just one shop as a pilot project. A year of testing convinced us of the benefits of HVAC: greener, less CO2, lower energy bills, etc. After that, we started systematically fitting HVAC in every new shop or renovation, with Rob Air as partner. In the meantime, almost all the shops have been taken care of”.

Doing business on gut instinct
Frank: “I came into contact with Rob Air through another business contact. I called Roberto to schedule an appointment, and he was at the door just a few days later. We hit it off right away! After chatting for half an hour, we already had a verbal agreement for the HVAC system of the first ToyChamp shop in Maasmechelen. He is an entrepreneur at heart and immediately gets down to business: Rob Air requires very little prompting to work out the HVAC of a new branch.”

Top-class service, even on weekends
“From the very beginning, Rob Air has provided us with fantastic service. They are always ready to help out with problems, even on weekends. It may happen that the air conditioning may break down on a Saturday when the shops are open - but they immediately arrive here with a solution after just one phone call.”

Climagroup comprises seven companies that came together to share their passion, experience and know-how. Although Cooltech, Borcalor, Rob Air, Pure Air, De Noyette, Milieu & Koeltechniek and Climabel each retain their unique character, when combined together as the Climagroup, they offer the customer a much more powerful proposition.

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